Create Art And Help Mr. Funnelhead Tell People About Used Motor Oil Recycling

1st Prize - Apple Ipad (Only 1 available)

2nd Prize - Apple Ipad (Only 2 available)

Winners get to star in 2021 Oil Buster TV Commericial on Cable TV.
Prize money provided by the Contra Costa Clean Water program.

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Featured Video: 2019 Mr. Funnelhead Award Ceremony

Contest Rules

1. You must be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student in Contra Costa County
2. Your design must be yours alone. No help from others. Don’t copy past year's winner’s design concepts!
3. Your design must fit in an area  measuring 3 inches high and 5 inches wide.
4. We want you to be creative so use as many colors as you want.
5. Keep your design simple (Legible).
6. Winners must participate in Oil Buster TV Commercial

Entries due by April 30th. Winners will be announced by May 10th.

Remember, only one entry per student. 

Here are some things you can use with your design:


*The graphic artist will use concept for final design.

Entries will be judged for messages, originality, and creativity.
(Hints: Work on several ideas on a separate piece of paper. Then, put the one you think is best on your final copy.)

For more ideas, look at other pages in this web site.

Remember! Be sure to include you name, grade, school, home address, and telephone number with your entry.

All contest entries become the property of the Contra Costa Clean Water Program.

Mail your entry to:

Mr. Funnelhead Art Contest
Contra Costa Clean Water Program
255 Glacier Drive
Martinez, Ca 94553-4897

For more information call
1-800-NO-DUMPING 1-800-663-8674 - Se Habla Espanol

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